DIY Braided Bookmarks

By Monday, May 09, 2016 , ,

I recently shared my DIY Washi Tape Bookmarks with you and today I am going to share another, quick and easy DIY bookmark. This one takes a little more time than the washi tape ones but it is still done in under 15 minutes and again using supplies that you (probably) already have on hand. You could easily sub the embroidery floss out for yarn but it would be a little bit thicker for a bookmark.

- embroidery floss in assorted colors
- button
- scissors, safety pin

You can check these out on Kollabora too!

- Cut 5 strands of embroidery floss that are around 24 inches long.
- Cut a 6th strand of embroidery floss that is around 30 inches long.
- Fold the 5 shorter strands in half.
- With the 6th strand, make a knot at the halfway point of the 5 strands.
- Make 25 overhand knots around the 5 shorter strands with one end of your 6th piece of string
Make a "4" shape
Pull the string around the 5 other strings and through the loop you made. 
- Repeat the last step using the other end of your 6th piece of string.
- You should now have a knotted section that is around 2 inches long.
- Fold all the strings in half so that the knotted section is centered and forms a loop. Secure by making a forward knot with one of the longer strands around all of the other strands.
- Insert your safety pin through the loop and pin to your pant leg. (This is my preferred way of holding onto embroidery floss braiding/bracelet projects.)
- Divide the strands into 3 groups of 4 strands and braid until the piece is 21 inches long or your desired length.
- Tie a knot securing the braid.
- With a few of the pieces of string, thread through the holes of a button.
- Tie another knot to keep the button in place.
- Cut the ends of the string leaving an small tail.
Slightly modified from this source: Little Worlds