Working Out (Workout Series Part 5)

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Here is the final and long overdue post to my workout series. Here, I am finally going to talk about working out! Wooo-hoo!

Find a workout group or club
Changing Health Attitudes and Actions in Girls
Working out alone is not an easy thing to do. You need motivation to get out there and keep going. Finding a workout group or even a workout buddy holds you accountable for showing up for your workout. Universities across the country have hundreds of athletic rec sport clubs. There's running club, rowing club, Quidditch, frisbee golf and much more. I am in the CHAARG chapter at University of Cincinnati. It's al all girls group and it has been great! I've learned so many new types of workouts through it!

Plan your workouts into your schedule

Although college life is hectic, if you stop to think about it, you have a lot of idle time in your day that you waste. If you look at your class, homework, and work schedules, try to find an hour that you can squeeze into your day for your workout and getting cleaned up after. If you have it already planned into your schedule, it is harder to make excuses for skipping the gym or your run.

Take a Break
Take a break and take time for yourself to workout. Studies have also said that short high intensity sets are actually more effective workout sessions that are completed at long and moderate paces. Plus you can find all sorts of short workout ideas on Pinterest including abs, leg, and arm exercises. Taking a break also goes the other way too. You can't run yourself ragged trying to workout all the time. If you need rest day, take one!

Take your Vitamins
I try to take fish oil and multivitamins
Vitamins help give your body a little extra boost and help you make sure you are getting enough of what you need. They help your digestive health, immune system, and your mental health among other things!

Stretching Videos from Fitness Magazine
Stretching can be meditative when you are doing yoga or help to lower your heart rate after a cardio workout. Stretching also improves flexibility. Most importantly, stretching can help prevent athletic injuries. Try to stretch and adequately warm up before your workout and give yourself a sufficient cool down and post-workout stretch.