DIY Washi Tape Bookmarks

By Wednesday, April 13, 2016 ,

There are few things better in life than a quick project that is done in under 10 minutes using supplies that you probably already have on hand. You don't need to plan a trip to the craft store and you get some satisfaction for using up some things that you already have on hand. These are the types of DIYs that really make me smile.

I have a few other bookmarks that I am planning on DIYing but I wanted to make these first because of how quick they would be to make. I don't have a bookmark, instead I usually mark my place in books with scrap pieces of paper. I can't say that I will use this over scrap paper every time but I like how colorful this is when marking my place to read.

You can check this project out on Kollabora too!
- an old envelope
- washi tape
- scissors, pencil, ruler

- With your ruler, measure diagonally across one of the bottom corners of the envelope and mark with a pencil. (You will be able to make two bookmarks from a single envelope.) This step is optional but I wanted nice a nice 45-45-90 degree triangle for mine. The short sides of my triangle are 3 inches and the long side is 4.25 inches.
- Cut across your marked line. Repeat for the other corner. Recycle the rest of the envelope.
- Cover one side of the envelope with washi tape. Trim off the parts that overlap on the sides. The nice thing about the washi tape is how easy it is to peel off if you don't get it down straight the first time.
- Repeat on the other side of the triangle.
- Repeat the last two steps for your other triangle.

Source: Zakka Life


  1. What a cute and easy idea! My long used bookmark is very close to dying for good so I might need to try this as a replacement!

    1. You should! They are SO easy to make. I made these the same day that I got stitches on my left pointer finger knuckle and still made two in under 10 minutes! Plus you probably already have everything on hand!