Chocolate Ice Cream

By Saturday, June 14, 2014 , , ,

I could eat ice cream all the time, but it is definitely the most refreshing in the warm summer months. I chose this recipe off my Pinterest board, Ice Creams, Sorbets, and Popsicles mainly because I had everything on hand and it is hard to find time to go to the store when you work 40+ hours a week. I had to modify the recipe slightly because I used some of the heavy cream when I made buttercream icing. I also substituted the dark cocoa powder for regular cocoa powder but I still used Hershey's. I used dark chocolate chips instead of cutting up chunks of chocolate and finally I failed to put any other goodies in the ice cream but sprinkled chopped cashews and strawberries on top.

I made the mixture early Friday morning, let it chill and then threw it in the ice cream maker Friday afternoon. 

Side note: the woman who I linked the recipe to has the same ice cream maker. She linked it to Amazon and turns out it was originally a $110 dollar machine. I got mine for free from my boyfriend who got it in a box full of other kitchen appliances at an auction for $3 because they already had an identical machine from a different auction. So that's a win. By the way, the machine works great and it's so nice that you don't actually need ice to make the ice cream!

Result? OH MY WORD! D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S. Seriously some of the best chocolate ice cream I've ever had in my completely biased opinion. It was rich and creamy and refreshing and all things perfect about chocolate and ice cream. Now honestly, it's chocolate ice cream which is something you can find at basically any place that has food. So while I would get more ice cream faster and cheaper from a store, I still enjoyed the process of trying the recipe and would probably do it again. I also think this ice cream tasted much richer than store bought...but this would depend on the brand you buy.


  1. When I saw your picture on Instagram I meant to ask you what recipe you used because we need some new ice cream ones to try! I vote making this at the lake sometime this summer, when we are there, obviously. =)
    And ending up with a second ice cream maker from the auction is definitely a Delaney problem. Hahaha.

  2. First off, I posted a comment from my phone awhile ago and I guess it didn't go through...Second off it was delicious and I would never say no a free ice cream maker!