An Easy Fix

By Sunday, May 04, 2014 , ,

I know tons of people that shop at Old Navy and look great in their clothes but I am just not a fan. I love GAP and Banana Republic and I feel like I look nice in their clothes but there is just something about Old Navy which is the lowest branch of the trio of companies (not to say Old Navy is poor quality,) that just doesn't look right on me. Mix that with some really poor customer service over the years and it's easy for me to stray away from their stores.

Right before the last poor customer service, I was over shopping and doing errands near an Old Navy and decided to stop in and see what was for sale just for kicks and giggles. They had some really low summer sale items and I got some shorts for $4 and I got this top for $3.50.

Even ironing didn't fix this!

Sometimes if you go on the right days  you can get sale items from stores as low as if not cheaper than thrift store prices! Those are good days.

Sadly the pocket flaps were really wonky and never laid right even after washing and ironing. So for a year and a half, it hung in my closet unworn. A few weeks ago when doing a major clean out, I was about to toss it but then thought I could fix it. So I did.

All you need:
 a button for each pocket
a needle
some thread

Iron your top
Pick out some buttons
Thread your needle
Center the button and sew (repeat for other side)

So a five minute DIY fix that made an awkward top wearable. Seriously the longest part of the project was deciding what buttons to use (my mom made the decision...go mom!)