An Inspired Dress

By Monday, June 30, 2014 , , , ,

Pinterest is great don't get me wrong. I love it....but sometimes I think that the Pinterest gods like to taunt us pinners. Pins with no links. Pins that go to websites in another language. Pins that are blocked due to spam. Pins that go to the website but not to the specific page regarding the pin. Or Pins that go to Tumblr. In this case, the pin of this outfit was on Tumblr which basically means that you will never find the original source ever. 

I really liked this outfit. I love leather...real leather products. They are timeless. Take good care of them, shine them up when needed, and they will last forever. I was in love with the bag and sandals and loved how the simple, light, and loose LBD paired up with it. I figured I could attempt to make a dress with some chiffon similar to the one posted and added the pin to my inspiration board. 

Then while out thrifting I came across something pretty darn spectacular. Luck was on my side. For $3.00 I got this....
It's loose but the inspired dress also looked like it would be a looser fit.
Yep, it's sheer chiffon so I had to get a black slip
Now in a perfect world this would have came hand in hand with the sandals and bag...or at least the right length but where would the fun in that be? 

I made a slight high to low cut.
What I am wearing: 
Dress: $3 @ Goodwill Cincinnati
Belt: Vintage, found in my mom's closet
Necklace: $1 @ Franciscan Thrift Shop Fort Wayne
(Not seen, Calvin Klein linen and leather heels- $35)

Honestly, I am really glad that I only had to shorten my dress up because in my head I know if I had sewn my own it would have been a catastrophe. 

So what I did was cut off the lower part.
Marked my hem, folded and pinned and then sewed it up.
That's it!