Jamaican Cowboys

By Sunday, July 13, 2014 ,

This is a really easy drink that only will take a few minutes to whip up! You just need three ingredients and you can serve it on the rocks or blended. 

What you'll need*:
Pineapple juice**
Orange juice**
Malibu rum
Peach schnapps 

*Some people also add margarita mix to theirs but we don't.
**Or just pineapple-orange juice but our family prefers separate.

On the rocks: 
Over ice in a small glass, add 1 shot Malibu, 1/2 a shot schnapps, and fill glass with juice. Mix together.

Freeze juice into cubes. Blend with Malibu and schnaaps.

This drink is easily customizable because you can make your flavor stronger by adding more alcohol and less juice or sweeter by adding more juice.