Decorating & Furnishing on a Budget

By Monday, April 11, 2016 , , , ,

I am a college student. I am graduating at the end of the month and then I am going on to grad school (more on that in a future post.) Renting and having moved into a different place every year leaves very little desire to try and buy/make pieces customized to the space where I am at nor do I want to invest in any high dollar items. Today I want to share some of my favorite tips for decorating on a budget.

Check Craigslist out
I got this IKEA Alvine Ruta rug for $75 on Craigslist and it has held up wonderfully. I need to wash it but that won't be any time soon. My used price is much better than the brand new price of $249. I like the pattern and the fact that the rug is 100% wool.

Check your apartment building's trash area
Whenever a neighbor moves in or out of their unit, there is a good chance they will be tossing something. Carter snatched up a fan which he was excited about and I got this rug. Completely FREE!

Garage Sales
I made these underbed storage drawers using garage sale drawers. I paid 40 cents per drawer.
DIY underbed storage
I also bought my printer with scanner and copier at a garage sale for $10.00. The couple was mailed a new one from HP after this one "stopped working" after they returned from their winter home in Florida but I have had zero problems.

Check out your local thrift shops
I have found some pretty awesome little knick knacks. I love my two metal tins. The smaller holds matches, gum, and laundry coins while the larger holds headbands and hair accessories. I have also bought a lot of other great things secondhand. 

See what your family is not longer using and planning on tossing
I have gotten a lot of things this way. A dining table from my grandparents, a few carts, and my favorite: my beloved ceramic owls. All free!

See what you can borrow from family
Chances are if someone will let you borrow something because it also means they don't need to deal with storing it. I have been able to use Carter's mom's childhood desk from her parent's home. It's an adorable midcentury piece that is the perfect size for my space. It has two awesome little drawer spaces - one where I can hold my books and another for my pens. Again this is free!

Ask for things you need for your birthday/Christmas
My dresser was a gift that was actually purchased on Craigslist but I love the antique style.

See what you can DIY
Maybe some thumbacks or magnets?