Knitting for my Sister: the Bray Cap

By Wednesday, January 20, 2016 , , , ,

I have always wanted to make Christmas gifts for my family but I had avoided it because I wasn't sure what they would think about it. I know that Carter loves hand knit things but I was nervous about how my family would react to handmade gifts. In late November, my sister asked me if I would knit her a hat. She showed me a color she wanted and I went in search of a hat pattern. I found the Bray Cap hat pattern by Brooklyn Tweed and ran it by my sister before casting on. 

About the pattern, it was only the second knitting pattern that I have actually purchased. Everything I have made besides this pattern and one other have been free. It was $7.00 which I guess it a little high price-wise but in the same ballpark range of a sewing pattern. I didn't mind buying the pattern because it was supporting people like me who like to knit but have gone a step further and made a career out of knitting. I also didn't mind dishing out some money for it because it was so pretty and having a pattern from a group like Brooklyn Tweed meant I would be using something easy to follow and well designed. I had zero stress when knitting this because their pattern was so straightforward. I even learned a few new techniques with the case on! 

I plan on making this hat again but for myself so I would highly recommend this pattern to anyone looking for a hat to make!

Pattern: Bray Cap by Brooklyn Tweed ($7.00 USD)
Yarn: Cascade 220 in Doeskin Heather
Needles: US 4, 5, and 8 DPNs

I knit the ribbed brim for 2.25" instead of 2.75". After finishing the hat, I decided that it was too slouchy. I asked my sister since she would be the one who was wearing it and she agreed so I ripped out about half the hat and omitted the third repetition of rows 6-13 in the pattern. This made the hat the perfect length.