How to Make T-Shirt Yarn

By Sunday, August 18, 2013 , , , , ,

A few years ago t-shirt yarn became really popular. It's a great recycling project and it is super easy to do. I started making t-shirt yarn when I cleaned out my dresser and had so many shirts that I hardly ever wore. Instead of donating them, I began to make yarn.

I highly recommend getting old shirts from thrift shops. They usually cost 25-75 cents and you can get them even cheaper on half off days! If you are thrifting for t-shirts, always, always, ALWAYS go for the large, extra large, or tall fit shirts. Why you ask? MORE FABRIC FOR YOUR MONEY. But if you are sticking to a color theme for your project or see a super awesome color shirt but it's a smaller size, go for it anyways, you'll still get a ton of yarn from it.

To get started what you need:
1. Start by washing your shirts if they were thrifted.
2. Cut the band around the bottom of the shirt off. I just follow the top stitching around.

3. Starting at one of the corners, cut a strip about one inch thick across the body of the shirt, once you get to the end, flip the shirt over and continue to cut. (cutting t-shirts is sorta like using one of those apple peelers that take the peel off in one piece.)

4. Keep cutting until you reach the armpits of the shirt (once you can no longer make continuous strips.

5. Starting at one end pull the string so that it stretches out and curls.

6. Repeat step 5 until the entire string has been stretched out.
7. Wind into a ball and enjoy!

What I like is that this is a mindless project, I can work on this while watching movies and I also love that it't not important for the thickness of the string to be exact.

Happy crafting! :)