Best Caramel Ever

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Seriously, these are the best caramels ever. If you make these, everyone will love you and want to be your best friend, if only in hopes that you will give them more of these treats! They are simply addicting. The recipe is pretty straight forward but it will take anywhere from an hour to and hour and half based on your oven. The key part to making caramels is watching your candy thermometer. If you cook them too long then the caramels will be hard like Werther's, they will taste good but not soft and chewy. If you don't cook them long enough the carmel will cool and have a grainy texture because the sugar didn't reach a high enough point. 

1 cup butter, plus a partial stick 
4 cups half and half
4 cups sugar
11/2 cups Karo light corn syrup

Additional stuff:
Wax paper/Candy wrappers
Large Pot
9x13 Glass Pyrex
Candy Thermometer

 How to:
1. With the partial stick of butter, great the bottom and sides of your Pyrex pan. If you skip this, the caramels will not come out easily at all. This works best of the stick of butter is refrigerated. 

2. Combine butter, sugar, light corn syrup, and 2 cups of the half and half in the pot.

3. Heat on high constantly stirring. 

4. Once simmering, add the remaining half and half.

5. Stir constantly until your thermometer reaches 242 degrees. 

6. Pour immediately into your greased 9x13 Pyrex.

7. Allow to cool and fill your pot with water to help remove caramel residue.

8. If using wax paper instead of candy wrappers, being cutting into squares. We do 3 squares per row.

9. Once cooled, cut the caramel into rows and then into squares. 

10. Wrap up with paper. This will turn them into a tubed shape piece of caramel.


This will make a TON of caramel