Ribbed Hat

By Tuesday, January 21, 2014 , , , ,

I took apart a thrifted sweater using the method I showed you how to do in this post: Making Yarn Sorta for this hat. I used this pattern from Wool and the Gang!

You will also need needles that will meet the pattern's gauge of 6 stitches per inch. This is IMPORTANT! My gauge matched but I think I was supposed to use two strands of the yarn because I ended up with an infant sized hat.

I was excited for this to match my cowl and boot cuffs so I may have to knit another one in the correct gauge to wear around. This was my first try at knitting a hat though so I was pleasantly happy with how easy it was to make. It would have been nice for it to fit on my head but I know a couple of babies whose moms may want a hand knit hat! :)


  1. Well, you might be biased but he is a very cute model! :)