Watercolor Gift Tags

By Thursday, February 18, 2016 , ,

This is a post that has been a long-time coming. Like an embarrassingly, long-time coming. As in, I bought the watercolors in the Fall of 2013, long-time coming. Okay, so now that that bit of information is off my chest...let's get to it.

A mix of darker and lighter hues to create subtle color variation 
Simple stripes
Playing with an ombre effect
Watercolors have been SUPER popular lately and I am in full favor of this trend. I love the minimalist, delicate feel that they give off. I think part of the reason that I avoided completing this project was because I am no artist. I might be crafting and maybe a little creative but I have almost zero artistic talent. Watercolors are hard to mess up though because you can easily dilute things with more water or make it darker with another coat. 

Looks like the Pantone Rose Quart and Serenity color of 2016 a little?
What you need:
Water color paper (on sale)
Watercolor set, I used this set and this set (on sale)
Paint brushes (both paint sets included a brush)
Gift tag punch (on sale)*
Bowl of water

1. Punch your cards. I punched as many as possible on a single 11x15 sheet because the paper is expensive. I got 19 tags per sheet.

2. Punch the holes in the top of each tag.

3. Paint your tags using whatever techniques strike you. I made this up as I went because like I said, I am no artist and this was honestly the first time I have used watercolors since like 3rd grade. 

4. Let the tags dry completely

Add to a gift right away or store with your other gift wrapping supplies. These are an easy way to get creative and personalize the gifts you give. They also make great labels!

*This tag punch is a little expensive at $29.99 but I got mine with a 60% off coupon. I also use it ALL THE TIME so it has been an investment that is totally worth it for me. I am anticipating that it will get even more use in upcoming wedding preparations! :)