Some of my Favorite Blogs

By Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I would occasionally end up a blog here and there pre-Pinterest but my blog viewing really jumped after I made my Pinterest account. I hadn't followed any blogs religiously but I recently decided to subscribe to a few of my long-time favorites. I gravitate towards DIY blogs because that is what I am most interested in. There are a few cooking blogs that I tend to use more than others too but I haven't subscribed to their lists. I don't follow any home decoration blogs because I don't have a house where I need any inspiration for house projects and probably won't be a homeowner for a few more years. I also don't follow any style blogs because I feel pretty confident in my general sense of style and what cuts work for my body type. I know these types of blogs can be a major source of inspiration for others but I honestly can't say that the only outfit I have ever loosely planned from a Pinterest pin/Blog is this little black dress I refashioned a few summers ago.

Anyways, back to blogs I follow:

Purl Soho
I want to knit and sew about 95% of the patterns that Purl Soho puts out and their yarns are also amazing!

Merrick's Art
I may not make my own clothing but I have high hopes. When I first starting pinning to my DIY Clothing Board on Pinterest, I realized I kept pinning from Merrick's Art because she shares a lot of really cute, easy sewing patterns.

Cotton & Curls
Cotton and Curls was another blog that I kept pinning DIY clothing from. She hasn't been active on her blog for almost a year though. Nevertheless, she has all of her DIYs on a page that you can check out!

Handmade Charlotte
So I may not be making most (if any) of the things from this blog but I love the simple, bright colors that are used. Most of the DIYs are kid things which is a big reason why I am not utilizing this blog but I still like getting inspired by the bright colors!

Oh Happy Day
My feelings about Oh Happy Day is pretty much just repeating what I saw about Handmade Charlotte. I like her party DIYs too. 

Sincerely, Kinsey
I like checking out this blog's free-spirited DIYs

Again, I am not subscribed to any food blogs but these are the three that I have successfully used a lot for recipes.
Annie's Eats
(The first recipe that I even made from Pinterest was from Annie's Eats!)

Damn Delicious
Gimme Some Oven 
(I probably use Gimme Some Oven  and Damn Delicious the most)

What do you subscribe to?