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Do you using the Pinterest's Secret Board Feature? I gotta admit that I have a bunch of secret boards going on right now. I have my original, Pin Now, Look Later board for things I want to read and look into but don't necessarily want to try, and of course there are like ten different wedding boards going on to keep some wedding stuff a surprise for the guests. Then I have a few To Do boards that include pins from my non-secret boards that I have been wanting to try. I have one general To Do board and then a more immediate To Do board with pins that I have all the supplies for on hand already. I currently have my immediate To Do named as Summer 2k16 because they are things that I want to do this summer. It's currently got 24 projects (including this one I am sharing now) that I hope to complete this summer. So its gone from 24 to 23 now that this is live! I was pretty happy that I finished one of the projects before I even went home for summer. 
This project uses the traditional friendship bracelet macramé knots. I think that you could easily make a few of these for your best friends and they would appreciate it just much as a bracelet. Just my thoughts!

I was hoping to make this project as a bracelet and not a keychain but I had some scrap embroidery floss down at school. I liked the colors but I knew it would not be enough to complete a full size bracelet, even for my tiny wrists so I decided I would still try out the pattern and complete it as a keychain. This is probably the longest pattern repetition that I have done with a friendship bracelet at 48 rows but the pattern was super easy to remember so I was able to complete this while watching some TV. I am not one to misplace my keys but I would like to think that if I do, the bright colors in this keychain might make it slightly easier to find. I wouldn't mind revisiting this pattern to make myself a bracelet too. 
You can check this project out on Kollabora too!
I've shared a few other friendship bracelets such as this one and this one. I may not make friendship bracelets as often as I used to but I still enjoy making them when taking a break from whatever is sitting on my knitting needles. I think the majority of my friendship bracelet making comes when it starts to get warmer out because there's something about these that is just so quintessentially summer for me. I don't know if it's the bright colors or fond summer camp memories but I think it might be a little bit of both for me. 

Time Requirements: Approximately 1 hour

- 6 strands of embroidery floss approximately 40 inches long
- Scissors
- Keyring

For my keychain:
- Color A: Blue
- Color B: Pink
- Color C: Light Green
- Color D: Purple
- Color E: Dark Green
- Color F: Orange

- Form a loop using the method shown in my braided bookmark tutorial. I made the loop very small as it's only holding a keyring.
- Using the pattern* below work Rows 1 through 48 one time
- Repeat rows 1-6 once more but do not do the side parts using colors B and D
- Tie a knot and cut excess string leaving a half inch tail
- Attach a keyring and key

Summer Project list: 1 down, 23 to go

*Please note that I did not make this pattern. It is a free pattern offered


  1. I definitely use the secret boards. I have one like you - things to make now (or soon). Recipes and crafts mostly. Stuff I don't want to sort through all my boards to find. Good luck getting the other 23 done this summer!

  2. Thanks! I think I should be able to buckle down and get the 23 down before the summer ends. I just realized today I didn't include any of the stuff I plan to knit so it's mainly just sewing and some decluttering stuff and I already have most of my supplies on hand which will help them go faster (and cheaper!)