Cable Ear Warmers Revisited

By Tuesday, November 18, 2014 , ,

If you are new to knitting and looking to try out cables, this is a great beginner project. I made three last year: one for myself and two for Christmas gifts. With the cold weather setting in, I just made this one for my friend. 

Again this is an easy project. Taking only an hour or so. One ball of the yarn I used, yields two of these with yarn to spare. So cast on and make some of these for Christmas gifts for your friends and family. 

Yarn- I used Bernat Roving in the color Putty 
US 13 needles
Cable needle
Needle for weaving in ends.

How to
Cast on 17 stitches
1. P1, K15, P1
2. K1, P15, K1
3. P1, K3, *C3F, K3 K3FC, repeat from *, P1
4. K1, P15, K1
5. P1, K15, P1
6. K1, P15, K1
7. P1, *C3B, K3, K3FC, repeat from *, K3, P1
8. K1, P15, K1

Repeat rows 1-8 for 8 more times until long enough. Sew two ends together and weave in ends.