A Year of Thrifting Recap

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I finished my year of thrifting back in December and was pretty pleased with my results. I managed to buy almost everything on my list. I also bought a lot more than what is mentioned below. Shopping secondhand was not a huge issue for me but I would be lying if I said I didn't buy anything from a regular store during 2014. I can honestly say that anything that I got from a regular store was on sale and I used a gift card to buy it. All-in-all, I think this would have been much more challenging if I wasn't already used to thrifting so often.

If I had to summarize my thrifting experiences, I would say that shopping secondhand is a great way to save money and has many environmental benefits. I also enjoy the fact that thrifting allows me to add new pieces to my wardrobe more often than I could if I was limited to only shopping at mall stores. My biggest suggestion for someone who is just being their thrifting journey would be to make sure you get rid of a similar amount of items as you buy. I am not a 1 in, 1 out kinda gal but if that's what you need to do to avoid a cluttered closet, do it. When I go through my major closet clean-outs, I always take my clothes to a consignment shop and then donate whatever doesn't sell. This past year I was also able to sell some of my clothes at a garage sale. This is a great way to get your all or money back on clothes that you bought secondhand, especially if you got them on a sale day like most of the items mentioned below!

Places I thrifted while at school in Cincinnati:
 I went to the Montgomery Goodwill Boutique (yes they call it a boutique.) This one is known to have the "nicer" clothes because it is in a really nice part of town.

I also went to the Bellevue Goodwill which is about 5 minutes from campus and near the grocery store I go to. 

The other Goodwill I went to was the Oakley Goodwill Store. It's relatively close to campus. 

The Salvation Army on Park Avenue is only about 5 minutes from the Oakley store but it was really disappointing in Cincinnati. It had a huge selection but literally almost everything was priced at $7.99 regardless of condition or brand. I don't mind paying a little more for something nice...but not everything! 

Treasure Isles...a flea market because Carter really wanted to go.

The BEST part about Cincinnati Goodwills: HALF OFF DAY EVERY SATURDAY. Plus daily deals every other day of the week (but with class I could really only go on Saturdays!) They release a calendar of the deals for each month. Another perk: the Cincy Goodwills seem to get nicer stuff than the Fort Wayne ones. I guess bigger population and nicer stores down in Cincy? Finally, cheaper prices, so even if you weren't shopping on half off day, you are still getting nicer stuff for a lower price. 

Places I thrifted while I was home in Fort Wayne:

Dupont Road Goodwill
Maysville Road Goodwill
Glenbrook Goodwill
Franciscan Thrift Shop
Lima Road Salvation Army
Clothes Mentor

 You can see my original checklist I posted here.

Cole Haan Sandals--$15--BRAND NEW

Florida Birkenstocks--$7!!!
Purchased at Treasure Isles

Milano Birkenstocks--$7!!!
Purchased at Treasure Isles


Leather Booties--$3
Purchased at Oakley Goodwill Store

Some Wooly Socks: Nope!
Now that I think of it, I don't think I would ever thrift socks unless they were brand new.

A Hat: Angora hat-$3

A Scarf: Cashmere scarf $2

A Piece of Jewelry:
From a cleanout pile of Carter's Grandma
Also a necklace, seen here, $1
Franciscan Thrift Shop Fort Wayne

A Pair of Sunglasses: Nope!
I did score some Coach ones in 2015 at a consignment shop though!

A Purse/Bag:
Coach Leather Bag $30

A Belt:
Skinny Leather, 50 cents
Fort Wayne Salvation Army

Something for Outside: Nope!

Something Electronic: Nope!

A Home Item:
Drawers for underbed storage, 50 cents each
Garage sale

Something Festive:
Some family gag gifts, $1 each
Dupont Goodwill

A Piece of Furniture: Nope!

A Kitchen Item:
Tevana Tea Infusion Pitcher--$2.50--BRAND NEW
Purchased at Oakley Goodwill

A Mug: Nope!

A Book:
Books from Half Price Books

A Movie: Nope!

A Craft Item:
Yarn, $1
Oakley Goodwill

Something to Organize with:

A Picture Frame/Mirror:
Wooden Mirror, $2
Fort Wayne Salvation Army

Something on Sale:
Almost everything I had bought was on Half-Off Days!

Something Cashmere:
My Scarf plus some Cashmere sweaters ($3 each)

Something with Tags:
High Waisted J. Crew Swimsuit Bottoms--$14
Purchased on eBay.

Something Collegiate: Nope!
Carter did get me a UC football jersey NWT from the Bellvue Goodwill though!

A Raincoat:
Ralph Lauren Raincoat--$15
Missed Half Off Day :(
Purchased at Goodwill

A Vest:
GAP Red Vest--Free
Gift from Carter purchased at Salvation Army in Fort Wayne

Nice Pants:
J. Crew Khakis, $4
Fort Wayne Goodwill

A Skirt:
Ann Taylor Skirt--$2
Salvation Army Fort Wayne

An Oxford:
Purchased from Vinted, $4

A Sweater:
Tommy Hilfiger Cardigan--$5
Purchased at Montgomery Goodwill
And another
Tommy Hilfiger Sweater--$3.50
Purchased at Salvation Army Fort Wayne

An Ugly Christmas Sweater:
Purchased at Fort Wayne Salvation Army

A Cool T-shirt: Nope!

A Plain T-shirt:
This was kinda a mix between a really thin sweater/shirt so I'll go with shirt.
Banana Republic Green Sweater
Priced at $4.99. Bought for $2.49
Purchased at Bellevue Goodwill.

A Striped T-Shirt:
I love stripes so expect more striped shirts to be thrifted.
Striped Gap Shirt--$2.49

Some Shorts:
Gap Shorts $2
Bellevue Goodwill

Some Jeans:
GAP $7
Purchased from Vinted

Colored Pants:
I still wouldn't be opposed to finding some olive ones.
Gap Light Pink Khakis--$2.49
Purchased at Bellevue.

A Sundress:
Ann Taylor Tie Dyed Dress, $2
Bellevue Goodwill

A Little Black Dress/Something to Remake:
Black Chiffon Dress--$3.00
Purchased at Oakley Goodwill

Something Odd:
Lipstick and Nailpolish
Brand new for $1 each. Close out deals from local stores. Who would have thought I would resort to thrifting beauty products??

A Killer Deal:
GAP Jeans--50 CENTS
Purchased at Bellevue Goodwill

Other Noteworthy Finds:

Ann Taylor Loft Tunic
Priced at $4.99. Bought for $2.49
Purchased at Bellevue.

Lululemon Quarter Zip & Tights--$15
Purchased at Montgomery