The Year of Thrifting

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I began thinking about this back in November. I was thinking of things I enjoy doing and ways to save money. I decided that thrifting was obviously my favorite way to save and shop! I thrift the vast majority of my clothing so this year I am going to try to take it a notch up. This will help me save even more money as a shop and I am also helping the environment by loving someone else's old items. I am going to try and go a whole year of just thrifting! If I need it, I'll thrift it. 

I already have two exceptions though:
1. Underwear. I already have way too much but if I get a free underwear coupon from Victoria's Secret, I will use it.
2. Running shoes, you need to replace your shoes as they break down to avoid injury so I won't be thrifting someone else's.

Places I will be thrifting during 2014:
Salvation Army
St. Vincent de Paul Society
Local Shops
Garage Sales
Antique shops
Consignment stores
If I need something else, I will try eBay and Craigslist.

To make things a bit more interesting, I gave myself an extensive list of things to try to find throughout the year. I will plan to check back in at the end of every month to show off what treasures I found second hand and how much I spent on each item. 

Here is a copy of my list.
You can save or print this to take thrifting with you.
Here is a copy of a blank template if you want to make your own thrifting list.

By the way, I found the template I used here.

Good luck, go out there, save money, and have fun!

Happy 2014!