Reflecting on 2015

By Friday, January 15, 2016 ,

At the start of 2015, I blogged about my New Year's Ambitions.. It's safe to say that I failed at most of what I hoped to accomplish. What can I say? Life happens. 2015 happened to be one of the most difficult years that my family has been through. A year ago, we learned my aunt's cancer had returned after being cancer free for six years. We watched her go to eternal rest at the end of September on my mom's birthday. When I reflect on 2015, I will most certainly remember it of a year of highs and lows. So much occurred that was cause for great happiness and celebration yet so much suffering transpired too. Here's to hoping for a happy and healthy 2016.

When I shared my 2015 knit list, I failed to realize something- knitting is something I truly enjoy doing and a major creative outlet for me. By giving myself restrictions on what I could make, I was essentially limiting my creativity. The knit list became a burden and I wasn't enjoying the process of making I ditched the list and made what I wanted, when I wanted.

Non-knitting ambitions:

  • Reading more books (25-50): Well I read 28 and of those 28, 25 were read during the summer while I was studying for my GREs and working 40 hours a week. I guess I am more of a summer reader. 
  • Blogging at least twice a month: This started out strong but then kind of fizzled out. I don't get the point of blogging just to get a post out there. If others want to repost an exact/near identical replica of a recipe or craft project then by all means have at it but it's not really worth my time or yours reading to see my essentially reiterate someone else's work. I have considered maybe just sharing links to recipes I have tried and enjoyed but not modified or projects others have done that inspired me. I find it a little comical when you try a recipe from Pinterest and that blogger links the recipe source to a different blog which links it to a different blog, and so forth. If I was getting some truly original things done, then I guess I would have blogged more.
  • Deciding on audiology or speech pathology: I choose audiology
  • Compiling a list a grad schools: I choose three schools to apply to.
  • Applying to grad schools: Done :)

How'd you do in 2015?