2015 Knitting Ambitions

By Thursday, January 15, 2015 , ,

I am not a huge resolution maker. I don't see January 1st as any more of an opportunity to start fresh than any other day of the year. I do like seeing what I can accomplish during a year's time though. Specifically I like to set a goal for myself such as last year's Year of Thrifting (recap coming soon?)

At the end of 2014, I was thinking about places where I want to expand in 2015. For the blog, knitting is what I am choosing to focus on. Obviously I want to get more done in 2015 than just knit but this will be my main focus for the blog.

The word that I want to focus on this year would be ambition as referenced in the title of this post. Ambition can be defined as a particular goal or aim; something that a person hopes to do or achieve. Let's take a look at my ambitions for the year.

15 Knitting Ambitions for 2015*:
1. Knit a hat.
2. Knit a scarf or cowl.
3. Knit a pair of gloves or mittens.
4. Knit a sweater.
5. Knit a pair of socks.
6. Knit a bag of some sort.
7. Knit a washcloth.
8. Knit a pillow.
9. Knit a toy.
10.Knit something that is a decoration.
11. Knit something for Carter.
12. Knit matching ski caps for Carter and I.
13. Knit something with plarn (plastic yarn.)
14. Knit something with t-shirt yarn.
15. Knit something with recycled sweater yarn.

Other knitting ambitions this year:
Finishing WIPs (works in progress.)
Posting finalized pictures on Ravelry.
Sharing more projects here and on Kollabora.
Going through and deleting projects from my queue on Ravelry.

Non-knitting ambitions:
Reading more books (25-50)
Blogging at least twice a month.
Deciding if I want to go audiology or speech pathology.
Compling my list of graduate schools.
Applying to graduate schools.

*To clarify, for my knitting ambitions, I am okay with "double dipping" and crossing more than one item off the list for a single project. I.E. knitting a pillow with recycled yarn.

Let's see where 2015 takes me and you! We are already halfway through month #1!!!